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At Lyons Investigations, we help lawyers in their cases by understanding the disputed facts and issues. We interview witnesses and gather the information that clarifies those facts and issues.  We prepare clear, concise reports that document what witnesses said and what information was gathered.

Do you need help investigating an opposing Client? We can help with background checks and interviews.

With over a decade of investigative and interviewing experience, we unravel the stories and get to the truth.

We provide valuable information and frequent communication with the attorney to produce the best representation for the attorney’s client. Call today for more information on our Attorney Investigation Services.

Services that we offer:

  • Process Service
  • Background Checks
  • Witness interviews and statements
  • Document Retrieval
  • Asset Checks
  • Locate "Hard to Find" Defendants and Witnesses

Process Service:  Lyons Investigations takes process serving seriously and professionally.  We are very thorough when it comes to our job serving legal papers. We serve Lewis, Idaho, and Clearwater Counties.


  • No waiting on the Sheriff's Office to serve a time-sensitive document

Background Checks: These investigations develop information about witnesses, defendants, or potential experts. Lyons Investigations offers research capabilities to obtain detailed historical and professional backgrounds. Using a full range of online and traditional sources, we provide our clients with the information they need to verify the credibility of a witness, determine the accuracy of an expert’s qualifications, or document the financial viability of a defendant.


  • Avoid “surprises” about a witness or an expert
  • Identify possible issues early
  • Establish a history of previous litigation

Witness Interviews and Statements: Witnesses may be listed in a crash or police report or identified/disclosed during depositions and discovery. They need to be contacted and interviewed, and often their statements need to be preserved by recording them, with the witness’ permission. These statements give the attorney a unique perspective and accurate impression of the witness.  They provide a narrative of the events in the witness’ own words and specific observations of what the witness saw and how they saw it. 


  • Impartial, objective interviews conducted by a trained third-party investigator
  • Advance knowledge of what a witness is going to say before a deposition is taken
  • Statements preserved to permanent digital files 

Document Retrieval: Often in litigation, it is imperative to document specific facts with records or reports maintained by businesses, medical facilities, municipalities, and courthouses.  Documents are requested in writing by mail, e-mail, or facsimile to maintain a record of the request and ensure the recipient's accountability.


  • Frequent contact with those involved ensures records are received in a timely matter.   

Asset Checks: “Does the defendant have assets over the policy limits?” We research to determine the practicality of proceeding. If liability is established and the case has merit due to significant damages, the representing attorney can determine if the party has real property or business assets that could be subject to collection or to collect an award issued by the court. We also can research to determine if the party has had any previous liens and judgments entered against them that would take precedence over any new judgment.


  • Reduce costly litigation if assets prove insufficient
  • Identify potential assets that could be executed against (vehicles, boats, and real property)
  • Identify previous liens and judgments entered against the parties

Locate "Hard to Find" Defendants and Witnesses: Our researchers have access to additional proprietary databases.  We utilize sophisticated social media data-collecting strategies to locate current employment, vehicles, and relationships that can lead to a place of residence or business.


  • Resolve the case faster
  • Receive benefits for your client faster

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